Toronto Maple Leafs

Murray (Torchy) Schell

(April 28, 1926 — Dec. 8, 1981)

A native of Kinmount, Ont., he was born Murray Godfrey Schell but became known as Torchy because of his flaming red hair, most of which was gone by his 40th birthday.  A hand injury ended Murray’s playing career in Junior which led Murray to joining the RCMP in Toronto in 1947; and retired as staff sergeant in 1969 having spent most of his RCMP career in various Saskatchewan communities.

Murray was hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs as western scout in 1969 and moved to NHL Central Scouting in 1975.  He worked summers as an assistant equipment manager with Saskatchewan Roughriders. In 1981, still working for central scouting, Murray died while visiting his mother in Kinmount prior to attending a hockey game in Niagra falls.

Lesser known facts about Murray is that he was a huge collector of hockey memorabilia, and an uncle to former WHL star Guyle Fielder.